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Our Environmental Responsibilities

They say green is the new black! But at Davis Imperial Cleaners, green is not this year’s fashionable marketing tag for our business. Our commitment to being green – in a myriad of ways – is a reflection of the love and care we have for our children, your children, and future generations of children. It’s rooted in our concern for the kind of healthy and happy world we want to see them live in, and the peace of mind we want in knowing we did everything possible to protect the world for them.

We live every working day reducing, reusing, and recycling everything imaginable. We use multiple cleaning processes, including the one endorsed by the EPA’s Design for the Environment Program, the Sierra Club, and NRDC. All of our processes are designed for use in an ultra-environmentally responsible way – reducing, recycling, purifying, and reusing to the point where, with just one gallon of cleaning solution, we can clean 2,000 garments. You can also take comfort in knowing that our laundry process uses only biodegradable detergents, conditioners, and sizings, with bacteriostatic additives. But that’s only the beginning.

We’ve reduced our carbon footprint through an in-depth vehicle maintenance regimen. We invested in a water recirculation system that saves thousands of gallons of water, and installed low water usage equipment throughout our production facility. We overhauled our lighting and office equipment to be energy star-rated and mercury-free. We even have a motion detector in our storage rooms and bathrooms so the lights go out whenever anyone leaves the room. We use recycled paper, glass, and metal in our lunch room, and invested tens of thousands of dollars in high-quality hangers suitable for recycling. Our plastic garment covers are oxi-biodegradable to break down in our landfills, we carpool or use public transportation to get to work, and our list goes on and on. There is nothing too big or too small that it doesn’t have our attention. We are vigilant in making sure our eco-touch is a gentle one.

We are recognized by the Drycleaners and Launderers Institute as a Certified Environmental Dry Cleaner and have been awarded FOUR LEAVES by the Green Cleaners Council for our extraordinary efforts in achieving environmental sustainability. While others might believe that being green is a recipe for good business, from our point of view, being green is a better recipe for a clear conscience and a good night’s sleep.