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Our Customer Experience

Our family is honored and proud to have earned the respect of the elite retailers of our city. Their kind words serve to validate all that we work so very hard to achieve each and every day.

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“What does a wedding consultant do with her daughter’s wedding dress when the wedding is all done?
After two weeks, I called Lynda at Davis Imperial Cleaners, and she did such a wonderful job for me.  They are the only people that I recommend to care for such a special item.

Their professionalism and caring style are not to be duplicated.”

Linda Alpert

“Davis Imperial Cleaners sets the standard for all others in their field. Customers can be assured that all members of the Davis team handle every aspect of client transactions with exceptional care and service. Rick, Lynda, and Jordan’s attention to detail and love for what they do are what makes them stand out from all the rest. I would not trust anyone else with what so many others seem to take for granted. Davis is THE premier cleaner for the Chicago area.”

Cindy Schwartz
Vice President, General Manager

“Three words to to describe Davis Imperial Cleaners as perfect, efficient, and professional. Whenever I mention Davis Imperial Cleaners, heads turn and say “they are the best” Truth be told, if you are looking for professional cleaning, Davis Imperial Cleaners is the answer! There is no other place in city that compares.

By the way, I just remembered one of my friends had his clothing cleaned at Davis and he was raving for about 15 minutes on how beautiful your packaging and care for his garments were. He laughed and said his sweater was packaged so perfectly that he didn’t want to take it out of the wrapping.”

Victoria Sdoukos
Owner, Designer

“Quality, service, and professionalism…those are the words that come to mind when speaking of Davis Imperial Cleaners. They are the only company I trust with my couture bridal collection and the only company I recommend to my clients. Their knowledge and attention to detail far surpass the competition.

Working directly with Lynda, Rick, and their amazing staff makes you feel like part of the family. They care about their work, and it shows! A bride is one of the toughest critics…they expect perfection. That is why I will only send them and their beloved bridal gown to Davis Imperial Cleaners.”

Caroline DeVillo

“I honestly have been telling everyone I know about Davis Imperial Cleaners because I’ve never seen anything like it – I think my clothes got better attention than I do when I go to the doctor. I thought my blueberry martini-stained dress was headed for the trash, but I sent it to Davis, and it looks better than when I bought it!

The buttons were reinforced, all the snags on the silk fabric were gone, and somehow the dark stain was completely removed from the taupe material. Davis’ slogan should be “Better than brand new,” because that’s how my clothes come back.
That’s a true testimonial. I sent in a Marc Jacobs leather purse. A co-worker had spilled vanilla coffee on the inside of the purse, and the scent is totally gone. Your son helped me with it, and it’s good as new!”

Lauren Abramson
Assistant to the Publisher

“Davis Imperial Cleaners is the only business I suggest when people are looking to clean and preserve treasured clothing and textiles.”

Timothy Long
Curator of Costumes

“It is always a pleasure to work with Davis Imperial Cleaners. Jordan Wood and his team go above and beyond to ensure outstanding results. With their impeccable standards, top-notch customer service, and their enthusiasm for every project they take on, we can always be assured that our clients will be well taken care of.”

April Hann
Vice President

“Ermenegildo Zegna, producer of the finest fabrics in the world, uses nothing less than the best cleaners in Chicago. Given their superior quality of service, Davis Imperial Cleaners has been our choice for many years.”

Ermenegildo Zegna
Chicago boutique

“We carry the finest clothes from around the world, and we don’t forget about them once they are sold. After our staff of tailors have made every garment look perfect, our final piece of advice to the customer has been the same for many years…in the future, let no one touch these clothes but Davis Imperial. No one.”

John Jones
John Moran
Edmund Paszylk

“Rick, Lynda, and Jordan Wood exemplify the passion and painstaking care one looks for when choosing not only a couture cleaner, but any service professional.

Whether it’s to preserve your precious apparel investments or for your everyday dry cleaning needs, Davis Imperial is unparalleled in Chicago for the level of detail and customer service that they provide.

In all my years in retail, I have never met business owners who truly care about their relationships as much as the Woods care.
Once you use Davis Imperial, it’s as if you become part of the family.”

Drew Harris
Store Manager

“Davis Imperial is truly the best couture cleaners in the Midwest in my book. Their attention to detail is second to none. I was introduced to Davis Imperial through a colleague after having nightmare encounters with ‘status quo’ cleaners. Now that I’ve met the Woods, they make sure I don’t have any more nightmares! It’s truly an honor to meet a group of people who care and have the knowledge, passion, and the understanding on what it really means to provide quality garment cleaning.

Lynda, Rick, Jordan, and their amazing, committed team are the best in the business! Thank you for all of your efforts to keep the quality bar high. I’m always 100% satisfied with the final product and your service. Clearly without any hesitation, when anyone asks me who I would recommend for cleaning, hands-down Davis Imperial Cleaners is my recommendation!”

Darnell Robinson

“It is so refreshing to work with the Woods. Their passion and commitment to cleaning perfection are extraordinary, not only in the product knowledge, but also the packaging and entire customer experience.

Lynda, Rick, and Jordan and their Davis Imperial team are terrific people who truly understand the importance of only the BEST for the client – and having fun along the way!

Whether a Cotillion or special occasion dress to a pair of pants, we enthusiastically recommend Davis Imperial Cleaners to all our customers.”

Ellen Stirling

“Working with the finest textiles in the world, our expectations are of the highest caliber. Davis Imperial Cleaners never disappoints.
Lynda, Rick, and Jordan provide not only the best service in the industry, but are wonderful people to deal with. I have been working with them for almost a decade now, and I am one of their biggest fans!”

Donald Lyons
General Manager

“If I have to choose one word to describe Davis imperial Cleaners, I would choose FABULOUS. Lynda and Rick Wood are amazing with their attention to detail. One phrase we use a lot here at Louis Vuitton is “Luxury is in the details” Luxury they understand!
In the history of our presence in Chicago, we have used Davis Imperial Cleaners who has always exceeded our expectations. Being in the business of working with specialized and couture pieces, it has always been our number-one priority to be able to maintain our quality within the store and for our clients. Davis Imperial Cleaners has allowed us to keep this alive and maintains our reputation.”

Sandy Chen
Operations Manager

“The Woods’ passion for and commitment to superior quality are abundantly clear in both the work they do and their remarkable customer service. The care they show for garments and their attention to detail are extraordinary.
They consistently surpass expectations, and it is a real pleasure to work with them. Lynda, Rick, and Jordan are a joy to work with, and they are the only cleaners we would recommend to our clients!”

Simona Groza
Store Manager

“I’ve known Davis Imperial’s reputation was impeccable, but I wanted to see for myself. Recently, I headed to the Davis Imperial plant and store-front to see if the wonderful customer service I get from Jordan, Lynda, and Rick Wood would be the same experience my brides would get after their dresses left my salon.

I had always liked the friendly trio but wondered if there obvious skill and good nature would be evident throughout out there entire operation. My expectations were more than satisfied. The state-of-the-art operation was much bigger than I had imagined. As employees stopped to explain their role in cleaning, preserving, and packaging the bridal gowns, the pride they showed was extraordinary.

I manage one of the largest couture bridal salons in the Midwest, where a client’s dress is guaranteed from the day of the purchase through every loving stitch of the alterations. I have got to have excellent partners to ensure top customer service after the dress leaves my salon.

With Davis Imperial’s pick-up and delivery, as well as on-location bridal services, I feel my brides are in excellent hands before, during, and after their wedding.”

Christopher Dillon
The Bridal Salon at Macy’s

Chicago, IL
700 On The Mall
4th Floor

Minneapolis, MN
2750 W. Big Beaver Rd.
1st Floor

Troy, MI

“Davis Imperial Cleaners is like the Armani of dry cleaners—their attention to detail is astounding. My friends Lynda and Rick Wood, through their absolute dedication to customer service, own, by far, the best dry cleaners in the city of Chicago.

The Davis approach to cleaning is really one of those things you have to experience to believe: They go above and beyond in every way imaginable. Chicago men who make substantial investments in their wardrobes would be utterly misguided to go anywhere else.

Davis recently returned my custom-made three-piece suit—wildly abused from several months of parties—in better shape than when I bought it: pressed, repaired, and every stain expertly erased. Like many of my friends, I’m now a Davis Imperial devotee for life.”

Matt Lee

“When you care enough to buy the very best, it’s important to protect your investment.

I only trust Davis Imperial Cleaners…they understand quality. ”

Gregg Zgonena
Sales Manager

“Our customers are our greatest reference guide. The tried and true company that gets the best references for not only our Pratesi linens and cashmere but for everything that should be professionally serviced is always the same, Davis Imperial Cleaners.”

Charles F. However, III
Store Manager

“Absolutely, hands-down the BEST dry cleaner in Chicago! I only trust Davis and their experienced staff with my treasured designer collection.

Their service standards by far exceed any dry cleaning expectations. When my garments return home from being at their facility, they are like brand new and ready for the next event. I cannot think of taking my items anywhere else. I so appreciate their attention to detail, and the friendly voice on the phone. Thank you for taking such great care of me and my garments!!!”

Heather M. Farley
Fifth Avenue Club

“As a designer working with some of the finest quality fabric, I recommend Davis Imperial Cleaners exclusively to my clients. Whether silk, cashmere, cotton, leather or suede, each textile requires different handling.

At Davis Imperial Cleaners Lynda, Rick, and Jordan along with their staff, understand that and pay close attention to every garment. Perfection is not an accident! It is relentless pursuit of the highest standard in any industry, and that is what they do at Davis Imperial Cleaners.”

Sam Kori George
Atelier, Owner

“For more than 20 years, the Fashion Resource Center at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago has maintained a unique hands-on collection of late 20th- and 21st-century designer garments. Since many contemporary and avant-garde garments are donated by individuals who have worn them or designers who offer a garment of the season, on occasion, a garment might require a significant amount of deep cleaning and steaming. Perfectly pristine on return to the School with a Davis delivery service, the garment is available for student reference in the wardrobe of the FRC.

I would only ask the most experienced cleaner in the city, Davis Imperial, for their expert and satisfactory service, beautifully packaged on return.”


Gillion Carrara
Director, the Fashion Resource Center

“We have been using Davis Imperial Cleaners for more than a decade. The pleasant, informative staff handles all our specialty fabrics, including leathers and suedes, with the same conscientious attitude that the garment was originally purchased.

We believe they have performed miracles for us and our customers. We can’t keep their talent a secret; we share their name with all who are in need of the best cleaners in the Chicagoland area.”

Marlene Burton

Deb Glover
Sales Consultant

“Best in Chicago! We highly recommend Davis Imperial Cleaners for top-quality professional dry cleaning and bridal gown preservation. The results are nothing less than impeccable. Their door-to-door service sets them apart from all the others.”

Elena Grapsas

“The Woods’ attention to detail, true passion, and committment to the art of cleaning and presentation is unmatched by anyone in any industry. They have become a very important and valued member of our family.”

Sara Albrecht

“If I were to nominate one business for being #1 in attention to detail, it would be Davis Imperial Cleaners and Preservationists. They are the only ones that we trust with our couture gowns from Vera Wang and Belle Vie Bridal Couture.

They have amazed me with what they can do with our sample gowns! They have taken a very ‘loved’ gown that was so worn and discolored and brought it back to its original color! They are full-service with their pick-up or delivery and will always go the extra mile for us when we are in a pinch.

Because customer service is #1 at my boutiques, I expect the same from my vendors, and I can say that Davis Imperial impresses me, the toughest critic!”

Amanda K. Bonnell