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Wedding Gowns

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Tips to Remember
  • A bride should devote significant time and effort to the fitting of her gown.
  • A bride should bring her wedding shoes to her first fitting and every subsequent fitting to avoid hemline discrepancies
  • Wear the same undergarments to each fitting for uniformity of fit
  • It is important to maintain a stable weight. Changes in weight can dramatically affect the bodice and overall proper fit of gown
  • When choosing jewelry and shoes, keep it simple
  • Jewelry with protruding edges can tear or snag your gown
  • Hang your gown by the loops inside the gown that are connected to sturdy side seams, never by fragile shoulder seams that can stretch or snag
  • The day before your wedding remove the plastic bag and inspect your gown for loose threads or buttons. Davis Imperial Cleaners will press your dress before the wedding and deliver it to the site complimentary within our route service area
  • Make sure you hang your gown in a room far away from children, food, animals, liquids, or anything else that could possibly stain your dress.
  • Hang your dress high enough so that the hemline does not touch the floor
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and/or put on white cotton gloves. If your gown is enclosed in a garment bag, unzip and remove your gown immediately. Gently lift the remaining clear plastic bag up to the waistline of the dres
  • Smooth out and fluff the skirt, underskirt, and slip/s and make sure that everything is laying flat
  • Do not forget to attend to your veil and/or shawl as well. They also need to be removed from their bags and smoothed out and/or fluffe
  • When smoothing out your skirt, please do not use an iron or steam. Steam can accidentally spray water on your gown and cause water stains. Unless a professional technician is on site, trying to iron your gown yourself could cause damag
  • Delicate fabrics such as organza, chiffon, and tulle are very susceptible to tears and snags, so be extra cautious
  • Be sure to eat, drink, and visit the restroom before you get dressed.
  • Bring extra big safety pins, like those found in a Davis Imperial Cleaners emergency kit, to fix a bustle that has inadvertently come apart or been stepped on and torn
  • Getting dressed on your wedding day is minimally a two-person task. Place a clean white sheet on the floor, put on your garter and undergarments, unzip or unbutton your dress completely, and place your shoes on the floor underneath your gown
  • Have your “helpers” hold your dress open and then slowly step into it one leg at a time, placing your feet into your shoes as you do so
  • If you have to slip your gown over your head to get into it properly, use a cosmetic breathable face mask (included in a Davis Imperial Cleaners emergency kit) to cover your face so makeup does not transfer from your face to your gown. 
  • After your dress has been fastened, have your mom and/or attendants do a final check of your gown, paying particular attention to any areas that need to be secured and may have been missed (zippers, buttons, ties, snaps, bows, and sashes)
  • Unless the silhouette of your gown does not require bustling, you will want to bustle your dress after the ceremony. Designate a bustler (event planner, family member, maid of honor) and be sure to bring that individual to your last fitting so she can be given special instructions as to the proper way to bustle your gown
  • Bring someone with you when you need to use the restroom. Should the silhouette of your dress be a ball gown, don’t be surprised if you have to step out of your gown entirely. Have a white clean sheet and hanger available to drape on the door and floor so you can keep your gown free from soil
  • If possible, remain standing once dressed to avoid wrinkles
  • If you should need to sit down before starting your walk down the aisle, make sure someone finds you a backless stool and be sure your gown is fluffed around you, not scrunched under you, to avoid any wrinkling
  • Should your ceremony be in a different location than your reception, use extra caution when going outside. Remember if traveling by car, be careful to lay the train across the back seat, avoid sitting back on your gown, and sit forward to avoid wrinkling
  • Get in and out of the car slowly, taking particular care to avoid greasy door locks, dirt, mud, water puddles, grass, leaves, and branches
  • If your dress is full or designed with a train, do not walk or step backwards
  • If you are taking pictures outside, bring a white pillowcase to put on the ground so you can stand or sit directly on the pillowcase to avoid stains on your gown and shoes
  • Avoid storing your gown in a plastic bag or vacuum-sealed plastic wrapped container. Plastic emits fumes that can yellow the gown and can trap moisture that mildews the gown
  • Choose a Certified Licensed Wedding Gown Specialist™ who will personally clean and preserve your gown, never one who sends your gown away. Davis Imperial Cleaners is proud to be Chicago’s only Certified Licensed Wedding Gown Specialist™
  • Ask what precautions the gown specialist will take to protect delicate trims and decorations
  • Ask the gown cleaning and preservation specialist if the packaging utilized for the preservation of your gown includes 100% acid-free tissue, chemical-free pre-washed muslin, and an archival-quality paperboard acid-free wedding chest
  • Ask if the wedding gown specialist is able to identify invisible stains and what equipment they use to do so.
  • Ask the wedding gown specialist for their credentials and a list of references so you can properly assess whether they are qualified to clean and preserve couture wedding gowns and evening wear
  • Ask your dry cleaner if you may view the gown before it is preserved
  • Make sure your gown is hand cleaned
  • Make sure your gown is hand pressed
  • After your wedding, Davis Imperial Cleaners provides complimentary Sunday pick up service within our route service area. Your gown analysis is performed while you are honeymooning and will be ready for your review upon your return
  • Davis Imperial Cleaners will conduct a free consultation and estimate for the care of your gown, new or old
  • Davis Imperial Cleaners will preserve your gown in a pre-washed, chemical-free muslin wrap embroidered with your name, your husband’s name, and the date of your wedding.