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A Davis Imperial Cleaners technician give a dress the white glove treatment.

If you’re the type of bride who spent half of your wedding budget on your dress, you’re probably already wondering where to take that glam gown for preservation and cleaning after the big day.

Here’s a hint: Not your corner dry cleaners. Not even close. Instead, send your dress to Davis Imperial Cleaners, which specializes in couture and designer cleaning and preservation. (Last time we were there, we saw a custom-made J. Mendel worn by a bride in Santa Barbara hanging next to a custom-made Vera from NYC. DYING!)

Located in Chicago, Davis has a state-of-the-art “clean room” where couture pros use goggles and black light to find stains and spills that can’t be seen by the naked eye. It’s those hard-to-spot stains that, over time, can ruin a dress that’s sent to a regular dry cleaner. After all, once the stains are set in, they’re nearly impossible to get out.

Or if you’re dying to wear your grandmother’s dress, but need it to be deep cleaned and de-yellowed, Davis is the place. They do vintage restoration, couture hand-cleaning and hand pressing, and will ship the dress back to anywhere in the country. (They just restored a 110-year-old dress that survived the Holocaust and is now being worn by a great-granddaughter.)

The process is simple. Go to their website, choose FabricareByMail, then print and complete the shipping form. Then just follow the instructions online. The pros at Davis will call you once they receive the dress and talk you through the process.

Like your dress, it’s worth every penny.

Davis Imperial Cleaners, 3325 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., 866.267.4560, davisimperial.com


Chicago, IL – Davis Imperial Cleaners, one of the top ten certified couture dry cleaners in the United States, was featured twice in CS magazine’s new Best of Chicago. CS, a regional publication geared toward a luxury audience, has a readership of 100,000 per month. Its annual Best of Chicago issue forecasts the hottest businesses, restaurants, trends, and cultural happenings of the upcoming year.

CONTACT: Rick or Jordan Wood, Davis Imperial Cleaners, 773.267.4560

Davis Imperial was selected for the Best of Chicago issue because of its new, state-of-art “clean room” preservation and museum-quality inspection area equipped with full-spectrum light (including black light). This space enables technical fabricare specialists to perform complimentary condition analysis that will then be utilized in the restoration of textiles including wedding gowns, christening gowns, eveningwear, heirloom, and vintage designer and couture pieces. Simply stated: Examination of an item with full-spectrum lighting (including black light) enables technicians to see both stains and damages that would otherwise be unnoticeable to the naked eye. This extensive analysis performed by Davis Imperial’s professional staff allows stains and textile damages that would normally be left undetected by an ordinary drycleaner to be addressed, therefore preventing potentially irreversible damage to an item.

Elsewhere in the issue, Lynda Wood, co-owner of Davis Imperial Cleaners, also answered questions about the best ways to maintain, preserve, and clean holiday apparel before, during, and after the busy party season.

Some of Wood’s suggestions:

  • Get dressed last, after you’ve brushed your teeth, sprayed perfume, and put on deodorant.
  • After a spill, don’t use hot water or club soda to try to remove the stain; just blot the spill with a white cotton cloth.
  • If you can’t get your garment to the dry cleaners immediately, don’t stuff it back in the closet. Let it air out for at least 24 hours.
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For more information on Davis Imperial Cleaners or high-resolution images, please contact Rick or Jordan Wood at 866.257.4560 or (couturefabricare@davisimperial.com).