My name is Brooke, and for just over a year now, I have written a blog called Always a Bridesmaid, which essentially covers everything weddings. Along the way, I’ve discovered countless incredible resources for brides, their party, and wedding-goers at large; from bridal boutiques to florists to dessert shops that would make a gal’s mouth water. The wedding world in Chicago, like most communities once you infiltrate them, actually becomes quite intimate, and word-of-mouth is paramount.

So in hopes of bringing the best of the Chicago wedding and fashion world to my readers, I ventured out to Davis Imperial to see first-hand what the fuss was about. Even from its exterior, the space looks nothing like a typical dry cleaner–elegantly crafted signage (no neon here!) displayed names like Chanel, and the windows themselves housed fashion that would fit perfectly within the walls of a high-end boutique. It’s no wonder, as I discovered the visual merchandiser behind the displays held long-standing jobs at Neiman’s and Armani. If a merchandiser seems out of place within the average idea of a dry cleaner, get used to it; once you experience the Davis Imperial difference first hand, the accolades they’ve been receiving–making “best of” lists in books such as CS, Chicago Magazine, CS Brides, and Esquire Magazine’s: The Big Black Book-The Style Manual for Successful Men–are no surprise.

The difference is in the detail paid to every single service the Woods deliver. Lynda, Rick, and their son Jordan Wood are the tour de force behind the company, a business founded by Lynda’s parents who opened the doors over 55 years ago. Somehow, they manage to strike a delicate balance between a luxury brand (take one look at the packaging the clothing is sent home in and the “welcome kit” clients receive when engaging their services, and you’ll see there’s no better word fit to describe them) and a family business, providing the style-obsessed of Chicago a trusted resource for all the most important events in their lives. The Woods don’t just care about the bottom line, they care about the lives and the experience of their clients, treating them like family and never settling for less than the best.

Discovering the Davis Imperial name is like learning a vocabulary word you never knew before–once you hear it, suddenly it’s everywhere. The influence of the brand and the family infiltrates the city’s fashion and bridal world, and the stories aren’t just about clothing care, they offer a peek into the life of a family and of Chicagoans everywhere. Which is why I am so honored to launch this blog that allows everyone to learn firsthand the Davis Imperial difference, and bring exclusive fashion and bridal events, tips, and tricks to readers. Not only that, but Lynda, Rick, and Jordan will be stopping by every Friday for a Q&A session, answering everything and anything you want to know about the world of clothing, weddings, style and fabricare.

Thanks so much for reading! And please, if you have any stories you’d like to share, questions to ask, or topics you’d love to read about, email me at davisimperialblog@gmail.com. To learn more about the Davis Imperial difference, click over to their site.

p.s. Now you can follow Davis Imperial on Twitter and friend them on Facebook for blog, event, and deal updates.

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