What is the most common misconception about dry cleaners?
Dry cleaning is bad for your clothes! Incorrect! Bad dry cleaning is bad for your clothes, good dry cleaning is good for your clothes! In fact, good dry cleaning can/will extend the life of your garments.

What is the most common mistake dry cleaners make?
Most dry cleaners treat each garment as a piece. Ever dropped off your cleaning and received a receipt that says 11 garments or 6 pants 5 dresses? Each piece needs to be treated individually. Recognition of the designer’s intention as it relates to drape of the garment is vital. This is why we take a picture of each piece that we process. Does it have a crease, do the buttons need to be removed, does beading need to be secured, and so on? Details, details, details. Take a Hermes blazer a good dry cleaner might remove the buttons, while a great dry cleaner will definitely remove the buttons and mimic the “h” stitch when reattaching.

What is ‘dry cleaning’ exactly?
Dry cleaning is a process used to clean textiles/clothing using a solvent that is not water. However, it is important to note that drycleaners do more than dry clean. A number of garments processed are actually wet cleaned; it’s a safe and effective method just like dry cleaning. Important to note that a good dry cleaner will use a variety of tools based on fabric content, stains, etc.

What makes Davis Cleaners different from regular dry cleaners?
Old World techniques coupled with state of the art equipment. 13-step process. From crystal-clear eco-friendly solvents, six different points of inspection, packaging that mimics the place of purchase (will not find wire hangers here), we are different. Digital photography of each and every piece, experience, experience, experience. Education is huge; we are constantly shopping the stores to discover the latest fabrics and trends. Saturday, my father is flying with two of our employees to Manhattan to talk about and review this season’s problem garments.

What things can people do to protect their clothes from moths and preserve the longevity of them? Any spring tips?
When storing garments for the long term, be careful to avoid storing it along an exterior wall or an attic. These areas generally have higher humidity, which could result in mildew growth, as well as extreme fluctuations in temperature can be detrimental to fabrics.

Always clean your garments before seasonal storage. Soil, food stains, and perfume will attract insects during storage. Remember to store your sweaters in breathable sweater bags that have clear view fronts and synthetic fabric for the backing.

Garments should never be stored in plastic garment bags. These bags are used by dry cleaners purely for the purpose of transport to prevent your garments from soil and poor weather conditions. Remove them immediately upon receipt and remember to leave your garment covers on to protect the shoulders of your garments from dust and direct light.

How often should you dry clean a suit or dress?
This is a difficult question without a clear-cut answer. If money is no object, then I revert back to my answer above. As long as the drycleaner is maintaining high standards, clothes should be returned to your closet clean, period. If you are looking for a couture dry cleaner in your area, ask the premier boutiques, couture department store managers, event planners, and personal shoppers in your area for their recommendation.

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