When Winter approaches, your coat instantly becomes an important staple in your wardrobe. Whether it’s for fashion, work, or to simply keep you warm outside, Winter coat materials must stay resistant to withstand outdoor conditions. No matter how durable they may seem, Winter coats are an investment that requires proper care and maintenance to last through the seasons. From your coat’s outer layer to the lining and padding, proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage are necessary to avoid damaging it.

So what do you need to do to make your Winter coat last?

Below are some tips for properly caring for your Winter coat:

Cleaning Your Coat

When it comes to washing your coat, you should always review the care instructions on the tag. Coat manufacturers understand the materials they use and will provide the best care recommendations. If the care instructions on the tag are not legible or have been removed, we recommend using a clean, damp white rag to spot clean stained areas. Avoid using any chemical-based cleaning solutions. While the coating on weather-protective fabrics makes them resistant to wind and water, using cleaning solutions may damage the fabric. More delicate materials like wool, fur, and leather should also never be cleaned with chemical-based solutions as this will ruin the material. 

If you feel unsure about cleaning your coat, we recommend taking it to a professional cleaner as their knowledge of fabrics and materials will provide you with the most effective options for cleaning. In most cases, dry cleaning is a capable method for cleaning but depending on the material, other methods should be used instead. A professional cleaner will understand the safe and proper way to clean materials like wool, fur, and leather.

Caring for Your Coat

Winter coats are made of different materials that are durable enough to keep you warm and protect you from outside elements. But despite how sturdy your coat may be, it’s not indestructible, and specific care methods must be used to avoid damaging the outer and inner layer materials. 

Below are some recommendations to properly care for your coat:

1. Maintenance

Materials like suede, leather, and fur require specific maintenance to prevent them from damage such as drying, cracking, and looking dull. Proper maintenance also includes storage, hanging, and placement as these issues can lead to permanent creases, damage to the liner, crushing of the fur and/or padding, cracks, rips, and tears.

2. Fabric Care & Stain Removal

Your coat’s fabric material may be resistant to wind and water but it is not resistant to stains. Understanding the material of your coat is important to take the proper steps to clean it. Avoid over-the-counter stain removal products at all costs as they can damage the fabric and material. In the event of a stain, we recommend gently blotting the stained area with a clean, moist, white towel. This should be done as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting into the material which can cause more damage.  In any case, we recommend taking it to a professional cleaner for the safest, most effective stain removal.

3. Storage

As the Winter months fade away and the climate gets warmer, your coat may need to be stored and put away for some time. Before storing your coat, we recommend a thorough cleaning to remove all stains and prevent fabric discoloration as well as lingering odors. If your storage method includes hanging, we recommend using a wooden hanger with rounded edges as this will maintain its shape. Also, storing it in a breathable garment bag can protect your coat from dirt, dust, and insects.

Choosing the Right Cleaner

Properly cleaning and caring for your Winter coat can ensure it stays looking pristine for many seasons. While there are methods that can be used to clean and care for your coat yourself, understanding the material of your coat is essential to its care as this will determine what steps need to be taken. A professional cleaner can provide confidence as their knowledge of fabrics and materials can determine the best, safest methods. For the best reassurance, seek a professional cleaner with expertise in the materials your coat is made of.

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