A bride’s big day consists of many planned and prepared details such as invitations, flowers, the cake, food and drink, and more. The wedding dress though, is arguably the most significant detail for a bride. A wedding dress is a piece of memorabilia that can be a keepsake for years to come. Because a wedding dress is so important to many brides, it must be taken care of properly. Many are made with delicate fabric, intricate detailing and design, and other features that cannot just be cleaned like any other garment. To clean it appropriately, a wedding dress requires special cleaning and storage. But with wedding dresses requiring close attention to deal, what is the best way to safely clean them?

Here are some best practices for wedding dress cleaning:

Dry Cleaning

With wedding celebrations comes food, drinks, and cake. It is inevitable that you might get your wedding dress a little dirty on your big day. Dry cleaning is one way to take care of this, especially if the dress is made of rayon, silk, or acetate. Dry cleaners have special cleaning solutions that can degrease stubborn oil-based stains. Dry cleaning solutions will also prevent discoloration of the dress because of their non-toxic formula. 

Wet Cleaning

A wedding dress can also be wet cleaned. This is a method of cleaning your wedding dress with only water, no solution. Wet cleaning is best for water-based stains like sweat or beverages. The dress is submerged in water, helping any dirt or debris to be flushed away. Wet cleaning is especially good for fabric like silk and polyester.

Dependable Wedding Dress Cleaning Provider

There are different ways to clean your wedding dress but dry cleaning and wet cleaning are two of the safest and effective cleaning methods. Due to the delicate materials and details of dresses, we recommend avoiding washing machines and harsh chemicals to prevent damage. At Davis Imperial, our team of garment care experts is knowledgeable about delicate fabrics and has been a trusted cleaner by brides throughout Chicago Our methods include gentle handling, non-toxic chemicals, and an odorless cleaning solution. We also provide pickup and delivery services for added convenience. Contact Davis Imperial at (866) 267-4560.

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